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Corrections & Updates


In the 2009 Clanton Tree Company mailer, the following corrections and update need be made:


  • In the Japanese Beetle section, under the sub headline "What to do...", the statement ending "...but ground-injected imidacloprid is efficacious for at least a year in any tree.", should be corrected to "...but ground-injected imidacloprid is efficacious for the season in any tree." (Imidacloprid lasts more than a year in the trunk of a tree where boring insects inhabit, but not in the leaves where leaf-feeding insects such as Japanese Beetle feed.)
  • In the Gypsy Moth section, reference to "Another effective, multi-year, trunk-injected insecticide is scheduled for approval later this 2009 season...", should be updated to explain research has not proven multi-year efficaciousness for the insecticide Tree-age for leaf-feeding insects such as Gypsy Moth (as it has for wood boring insects).
  • In the Emerald Ash Borer section on the back page, a line of the cost schedule for ground-injected imidacloprid should read 9-16", not 9-8".






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